From those very first arcade games that were released for play to the latest and greatest in HD technology, there’s definitely a huge difference in the types of games that we now see on the market. The newest technologies have opened the door for greater graphics, more involved storylines and intense music scores that all add to the excitement of a game.

And indeed, the gaming industry has become immensely popular among people from all walks of life. Children and parents alike enjoy the games available. New game-specific technology, such as the w-ii has taken the world by storm and has led to multi-million dollar corporations, all in the name of games.

But there is still something magical about playing an old classic favorite. Shuffling a deck of cards, moving the tokens on a board game, hearing the sounds of the games arcade, these are things that the 80’s and 90’s child will remember only too well.

The shift from the games arcade to the mobile phone has in no way been a bad one, though. In fact, accessibility has allowed the business to boom and extend its reach to just about anyone. Parents can also keep a much closer eye on the child who plays their games at home, monitoring the child’s hours of play is a bonus, and of course, a child is safe at home as opposed to being at an arcade alone.

Old-time favorites like Pac-man can thankfully still be played online today. Even the classic board games have been developed into mobile apps and games that allow for hours of fun.

In essence, we can thank society for the major shift in demand from arcade games to mobile-based apps. This natural step will only continue to grow as hardware, software and developer expertise expand.