Back then

The world’s very first arcade game Periscope was designed and built, yes built, by Japan. It measured a whopping 6x6x10 feet. Periscope was shipped to the U.S. and it became standard practice to charge for game-play.

Where we are at now

Hundreds of freely available, high-quality excellently designed and engineered P.C, tablet, android, Apple, and other online games.

It’s almost unreal to think how they’ve evolved technologically, in just a short amount of time. But what’s really changed is the subject matter of the games and how they’ve been put together.

In early years, these games were restricted to the norms of society and limited to the technological advancements of the day, yet they were still amazingly advanced for their time.

What games mean for us today

Games have exceeded their purpose of pure entertainment. If you take a trip into the Google Play app to download a game, you could find a host of recreational games, but you’re also likely to find plenty of educational games, aimed at young kids.

We’ve branched off as a society into the world of games to educate, inform, entertain, connect, and even become someone else entirely. There are hundreds of virtual games where one can choose an avatar and be whoever you want to be, from the comfort of your own home.

You can rethink your life, shape it the way you want to, pay to have the best features and even buy clothing (with real money) for your avatar. Essentially, you are living a life away from your natural life.

Gaming has its advantages, and it certainly has its disadvantages. One thing is for sure, the gaming industry has grown exponentially into a thriving empire. There are wonderful opportunities and new avenues for employment that never existed before. Many aspiring developers, graphic artists and game designers are fast becoming competent professionals in the field.