Pac-man is a well-loved golden oldie from the 1980’s. It’s probably the most recognized video game brand across the world and has been honored as the most successful arcade game. What originally started as pizza in a box and a few excellent ideas has turned into a massive franchise.

To expand on the pizza in the box thing: The designer of this popular game had been eating pizza one day. He looked into the box to see a pizza with two slices missing, which game him and idea. And Pac-man was born.

Instructions for play

Eat all the yellow dots. Avoid the characters, collect as many fruits as you can to receive bonus points and push your final score up. There are 255 levels to enjoy, each one more challenging than the one before. Don’t forget that if you eat a big dot, the characters will turn blue for a limited amount of time in which you can actually eat them and you’ll get bonus points for these too.

Tips and Tricks

Getting to know the characters of the game will help you understand how to navigate past them successfully without being caught. You can read more about the characters in the article Pac-man-the game.

· Watch and anticipate the ghosts moves (assuming you’ve read up about the different roles each ghost plays).

Use the bonuses to accumulate points.
· Try to get all the characters into one corner (or near the big dot) so that you can get the bonus points from eating the ghosts when they turn blue. This might not be so easy with the orange character; he’s a little wayward and non-committing.

· Move your way “through” the ghosts. You’ll need to learn how to handle the Pac-man well. Anticipate when you’ll need to move and push the corresponding arrow key slightly before the turn-off so that you know it will go where you want it to.

Don’t panic. It’s just a game.
Most importantly…Have fun