Pac-man is a beloved classic game that just about anyone is familiar with. The original game made its debut in 1980 and was designed by a Japanese student, Toru Itawani. From the moment of conception to birth, it took about a year for Pac-man to be released, when it was released, it was released as an arcade game. Of course, since then, Pac-man has evolved into many variations and has starred in a few sequels.

But on its initial release in Japan, “Pakku Pakku” or Puck-man was not nearly as popular as the then uncontested Space Invaders and Galaxian. It was only upon its entry into the U.S. game arcades that it quickly exceeded the Space Invaders arcade game. But its success today is evident and the Guinness world records awarded the game the title of “the most successful coin-operated game”.

The origin of the name Pac-man

Pakku pakku is the sound of a mouth opening and closing at a fast rate. The game was called Puck-man in Japan, but the American Audience would need something different and thus the name was changed to Pac-man as we know it today.

Pac-man’s life-span

1980 – Pac-man enters into the U.S.

1981 – Enter Ms Pac-man complete with mazes, and enhanced game play

1982 – Super Pac-man, Mr and Mrs Pac-man and Baby Pac-man were all introduced to the world

1983- Jr Pac-man, prof Pac-man, Pac and Pal enter the scene

1984 – Pacland was developed

1988 – Pac-mania was developed

1993 – Pac attack was the next contribution to the Pac-man franchise

1994 – Pac-man 2 offered devoted gamers a better Pac-man experience.

1995 – Pac in Time took the Pac-man adventure back in time

1996 – Pac-man VR

1999 – Pac-man 3D

2000 – Pac-man Adv. In time

This classic game has really stood the test of time and continues to do so 35 years on. There’s no doubt we’ll be still be seeing Pac-man for many years to come in as the latest technological advancements are continually made.